About NHD

Natural Heritage Division (NHD) advocates the sustainable use of natural resources, undertakes projects on eco-restoration, and conservation and creation of environmental assets. The solutions proposed are innovative including technical interventions to elements of social engineering. The focus has been on water issues, a vast and complex subject inextricably linked with issues of human survival and the environment. This has inevitably led the Division to engage in larger environmental issues of biodiversity and habitat, addressing several areas and issues inadequately addressed in the mainstream.

The Division aims at influencing state policy and environmental impact of large private entities through carrying out pioneer projects and addressing policy lacunae by hosting expert forums.

Focus Areas

  • Lake and Wetland Conservation
  • Water Resource Management and Policy
  • Unconventional Wastewater Treatment
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Capacity Building in Urban Lakes, Urban Biodiversity, Ecological Literacy
  • Urban Biodiversity
  • Regional Landscapes (including Sacred Landscapes)
  • Documentation of Sacred Groves & Trees
  • Biodiversity Parks
  • Sustainable Agriculture